Providing capital, real world advice, and engineering resources to fuel your success.

Zerimar Ventures (ZV) is a boutique venture capital firm, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. ZV does not simply pump capital into new businesses, offers some advice, and hope to collect a nice return after the company yields some agreed-upon profits that define success. ZV provides capital, real world advice, and engineering resources to traditional businesses (who maximize profits for stakeholders) and social enterprises (who maximize profits to further a social initiative). These businesses are passionate, motivated to succeed, and bring revolutionary ideas to market through innovation and disruptive technology. These ideals, coupled with a commitment to social responsibility, position these companies to change the world.

Businesses who partner with ZV have access to both the leadership team and engineering resources. The ZV core leadership team is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs with a broad spectrum of skills and experience. These individuals have built businesses and maximized their value for stakeholders and investors. And, for their partners, their collective skills provide guidance in technology, engineering, e-commerce, digital marketing, and in building both traditional businesses and social enterprises. With the help of this team, ZV partners build customer experiences that are compelling, engaging, and revolutionize behavior. On the engineering side, ZV provides access to a team of engineers who are abreast of leading edge technologies, who embrace agile development and continuous deployment methodologies, and support rapid innovation and delivery.

Through a relationship of collaboration and trust, ZV works with their partners to craft a plan for optimal success. Success is defined as taking businesses to the next level by improving their products and services, ultimately maximizing the value of the company. Increased revenue, improved operations, better customer experiences, and higher margins are realized as businesses transform with the guidance of ZV.