Zerimar Ventures gives financial backing to technology expansion as eMoov rises to the top, despite griping industry dinosaurs

Salt Lake City, UT, June 30, 2014 eMoov, the UK’s leading online estate agency, today announced the release of their responsive mobile platform and the coming release of their mobile app. The new site provides a simplified user experience, from the buyer, seller and agency perspectives by creating a streamlined process to list a property, then housing needed items securely online while creating transparency and added accessibility.

“This coming together of all the necessary components of buying and selling a home, but proving to be a better, more empowering and transparent buyer and seller experience,” explains Russell Quirk, President and Founder of eMoov, in regards the expanded capabilities of the app.

“Customer are looking forward, firstly, to saving money and achieving higher prices on their property’s,” explains Quirk, but more so to the continuation of eMoov’s “approach to customer service which, frankly, puts our high streets competitors to shame.”

“With this new product and the features to follow, we will start to see eMoov taking an even stronger hold on this market,” Ivan Ramirez of Zerimar Ventures states.  “We’re currently a market leader with the limited technology we had, and with the new technology, we will further anchor our position in the space.”

“Our greatest challenge at this moment is to fend off the mis-truths that are now being peddled by the traditional elements of the industry,” says Quirk regarding competition. “They are desperate, contending that ‘online agents are not as good as they are,’ a claim that is simply not true.”

“Online estate agency is consumer friendly and here to stay,” Quirk rally’s. “Griping by the estate agency establishment won’t change that.”

eMoov is the UK’s leading online estate agency, founded by Russell Quirk. The company is currently backed by venture capitalist partners Ivan Ramirez of Zerimar Ventures along with Faisal Butt and James Caan, with the intention to expand their technology flow while maintaining high quality estate agency expectations with a focus on expanded customer service capabilities.


About Zerimar Ventures

Founded in 2012, Zerimar Ventures, a Salt Lake City, UT based early stage Venture Capital Firm focus on industry disruptive technology startups and social enterprises. Founded by Ivan Ramirez, current ventures include Groupon, de la Terra, and eMoov. Savvy entrepreneurs coupling revolutionary ideas and passion can submit capital requests on the website for review.

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